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Name: Vincent Nguyen (Nguyễn Đình Thới)

- Founder & CEO at Fintech24h | Blockchain Agency & More

- Founder at CMO Intern | Marketers' Journey to a Shining Career

Date/place of birth: January 5, 1999, in Quang Ngai, Vietnam

Education: Major in International Business Administration at IUH

Nationality: Vietnam

Email: vincentnguyen0501@gmail.com

Social Networks: Vincent Nguyen

Hello everyone, I'm Vincent Nguyen (Nguyen Dinh Thoi), I'm the Founder & CEO of Fintech24h, a marketing company for blockchain projects. With over a decade of working in marketing, I've always loved new technologies and how to incorporate them into my work.

This is why I am known for using MARTECH, a combination of technology and marketing, in all my projects. I believe that using technology can greatly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing strategies, and I have implemented these tools in various projects throughout my career.

Besides my passion for marketing and new technology, I also invest heavily in developing people for teams. In particular, I love to connect and chat with founders and venture capital funds about developing skills and knowledge to accelerate the company's growth, expand the network of partners. globally. In part, it helps to build a system of more successful startups.

I believe that the success of any project ultimately depends on the skills and abilities of the individuals involved, and by investing in people development we can help produce results. best possible for all parties involved.

Overall, my career as a marketing professional has been an interesting one so far, I hope that my knowledge and experience will be helpful to everyone, and I am delighted to be know what the future holds. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me and my work, and I hope to have the opportunity to work with you in the future.

Hi, I'm Vincent Nguyen nice to meet you !

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